BLEACH Final Season: Part 2 Sets Its Release Date

BLEACH Final Season: Part 2 Sets Its Release Date
BLEACH Final Season: Part 2 Sets Its Release Date

BLEACH Final Season: Part 2 sets its release date, after more than ten years of waiting, the famous anime BLEACH finally signed its big comeback last October, with a final season which, for the moment, perfectly meets the expectations of fans around the world!

Irreproachable from a plastic quality point of view, the first part of the season ended this Monday, December 26th, with a special one-hour episode, which includes episodes 12 and 13.

Following this broadcast, the official website of the project revealed new information about part 2 of this final season of BLEACH, starting with its long awaited release date, but also a new promotional poster and a trailer!

Like you, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Ichigo and his comrades in this final story arc! However, we’ll have to wait a little bit more, because it turns out that the second part won’t be released for a few more months…

What is the release date of the anime BLEACH Final Season – Part 2?

The release date of the anime BLEACH Final Season – Part 2, (BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 2), is scheduled for July 2023 in Japan.

Like Part 1, this second part is expected to be released in France on the Disney+ streaming platform. However, as the first part is still not available in France, it is difficult to say when the second part will be available.

As a reminder, the final season of BLEACH should include a total of four parts, for a total of about 52 episodes. The second part, like the first, should have 12 or 13 episodes.

Trailer of BLEACH Final Season: Part 2

Bleach part 2 Trailer

Tomohisa Taguchi (Akudama Drive) is the director of the final season of BLEACH at Pierrot Animation Studio (Naruto / Black Clover). He also signs the script composition with Masaki Hiramatsu (The Garden of Sinners). Masashi Kudo (Tower of God) is credited as the character designer and Yoshio Tanioka (Moriarty the Patriot) as the art director. Hasegawa Michio, Komatsubara Sei, and Takayanagi Kumiko are the animation directors. The music is composed by Sagisu Shiro (Neon Genesis Evangelion). Tite Kubo supervises the project.

The anime BLEACH – Thousand-Year Blood War adapts the eponymous arc of the manga BLEACH by Tite Kubo and concludes the events of the series in its animated adaptation. In Japan, the manga is published from August 2001 to August 2016 by the publisher Shueisha, in its magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. The French version of the manga is published by Glénat.

Synopsis of the anime BLEACH Final Season: Part 2

After the partial destruction of the Soul Society by Yhwach and his henchmen, the thirteen divisions are in a state of alert, and most of the fighters, if they are not being healed, are training for the next inevitable confrontation.

Following the death of Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Shunsui Kyôraku, ex-captain of the eighth division, is now Captain General of Gotei 13.

On his side, Ichigo has just discovered his origins, which make him a half-shinigami, half-Quincy man. Thanks to his unique powers, he is now the only one able to stand up to the Vandenreich and his terrible commander…

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