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Weebing and its associated trading names may change these terms at any time giving notice via email.


This Agreement becomes effective upon your acceptance as an Affiliate and remains in force until either party terminates it. The Affiliate has the right to terminate this Agreement at any time, resulting in an immediate cessation of service usage and the removal of all links to Linked Websites. Importantly, the Affiliate will not be eligible to receive any Commission for Referrals made after the termination date.

Weebing reserves the right to terminate this Agreement or suspend the Affiliate from our Affiliate Program, providing reasonable notice where feasible.

The Merchant holds the right to terminate or suspend the Affiliate from their Program, giving reasonable notice whenever possible. In cases of Affiliate fraud or suspected criminal activity, the Merchant may terminate or suspend the Affiliate from their Program without prior notice.

Upon termination of this Agreement, the Affiliate relinquishes all rights to use Intellectual Property Rights, including domain names, text, images, banners, or any other works.


The Affiliate is responsible for indemnifying Weebing against any claims for damages or other compensation arising from the content on the Affiliate’s website or any inaccuracies in information provided to Weebing. Additionally, the Affiliate is obligated to reimburse Weebing for any damages or costs resulting from the improper, negligent, or unauthorized use of Weebing services, technical issues, or data loss caused by the Affiliate on or any website linked by Weebing.


Weebing will disburse payments to affiliates through the following methods based on the specified terms:

Standard Model 20% Affiliate Commission:

  • Affiliates will receive 20% of a qualifying sale, calculated before any applicable country tax or VAT.
  • Payments are processed to affiliates 7 days after the affiliate requests a payout, deducting any applicable refunds made to customers.
  • Initial payouts may experience an additional 5-day delay for referral validity checks.
  • Transactions exceeding $100 may be subject to a hold of up to 7 days, contingent on the affiliate’s history with us and at the discretion of the company.

Minimum Earning Thresholds for Withdrawal:

  • 50$

Affiliates bear responsibility for any pertinent fees associated with their chosen payment methods, such as PayPal fees and bank fees.

Any payment falling below the stipulated threshold, left unclaimed in an account for over 180 days, will be automatically removed from the account.

Affiliate Payments and Responsibilities:

  1. Payment for Actions:
    • Affiliates will receive payment for actions as specified by each individual Merchant. Affiliate sales may be subject to changes based on customer refunds.
  2. Compensation Exclusions:
    • No compensation will be provided for website downtime due to errors or computer hacks/viruses. Planned downtime will be communicated in advance.
  3. Reporting System and Commission Verification:
    • Weebing will furnish the Affiliate with a reporting system displaying sales and commissions.
    • The Affiliate is responsible for regularly checking reports to ensure accuracy. Weebing is not liable for unreported errors or omissions beyond a 4-week period from the sale/action generating the commission.
  4. Exceptions to Reporting Period:
    • In cases where the affiliate program operates on a batch reporting system, the 4-week period starts upon the upload of the batch report containing the sale/action generating the commission.
  5. Fraudulent Activity:
    • In the event of Affiliate fraud, all transactions in the Affiliate’s account will be reversed, and Weebing or affected Merchants may recover payments made before fraud detection.
    • Legal or criminal action may be taken against companies and individuals involved in fraud.
  6. Suspected Fraud and Account Termination:
    • Payment to an Affiliate’s account will be halted in suspected fraud cases.
    • The Affiliate must provide additional information on their promotional methods. Non-compliance will result in withheld funds and account termination.
  7. Money Laundering Compliance:
    • Affiliates outside the USA receiving regular or substantial sums may be required to comply with Money Laundering Regulations. Failure to comply will result in withheld funds.
  8. Tax and National Insurance:
    • The Affiliate is responsible for payment of all tax and national insurance on any earnings received.


Weebing is not responsible for any service defects, interruptions in service accessibility, data infringements or losses on the information handling system, security system defects, viruses, or other harmful software components. This includes but is not limited to loss of profits, contracts, reputation, or any indirect or consequential loss resulting from negligence, breach of contract, or any other cause, whether arising from a third party deleting, removing, deactivating, or tampering with the Affiliate Tracking Service.


Weebing’s total liability to the Affiliate, including in contract and tort (including the tort of negligence), shall not exceed 1000$ (one thousand dollars).

Weebing does not guarantee or warrant the performance of its service or the links to any linked websites. The company shall not be held liable for any errors in the implementation of the links on the Affiliate’s website or for the specified function of the links.


The Affiliate bears sole responsibility for their website and all its contents, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations at all times.


The Affiliate is prohibited from generating or contributing to the generation of Artificial Traffic to Linked Websites. This includes any attempt to gain sales commission through the use of artificial traffic, such as employing software or products that alter fellow Affiliates’ link codes or intercept click-through traffic from the affiliate to the merchant’s site. Furthermore, the Affiliate is not allowed to incorporate links to Merchants via Weebing into software programs without first submitting a complete copy of the software for review by Weebing – Technical Department. If a program is accepted for promoting Merchants via Weebing, the Affiliate must notify Weebing of any significant changes to the way the program is used. Programs that may not be acceptable include those that report back user activity or display advertisements over or on sites belonging to Weebing. Affiliates unsure about the acceptability of their program should contact Weebing for an audit before joining. Any Affiliates using programs in violation of these terms may be removed without notice.


Weebing retains ownership of all copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights, know-how, or any other rights associated with the service or the software required for the service. The Affiliate does not gain any rights or licenses under this Agreement, except for the permission to use links to Linked Websites following the terms outlined in this Agreement.


The Affiliate provides consent for the publication of their name and web address on the Weebing website. Additionally, the Affiliate agrees to receive newsletters and other communications via email from Weebing, and permits the use of the information provided for marketing purposes. The Affiliate acknowledges that, for the purpose of improving, promoting, or marketing the service, Weebing may generate statistics or summaries related to the service’s usage.

Weebing is authorized to contact the Affiliate through email, telephone, or post to seek feedback regarding the service, including suggestions for improvement at both the network and individual Affiliate levels.


The Affiliate affirms to Weebing that they are not a private individual under the age of 18. If an individual under 18 wishes to become an affiliate, they must have a parent or guardian sign up on their behalf.


Weebing is not liable for the legality of its service in countries outside the USA. The Affiliate bears sole responsibility for ensuring the legality of using the service, particularly if registered from a country other than the USA or if the Affiliate’s website is hosted on a server in a country other than the USA.

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